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  • Supply of vessel "Seasurveyor" to support salvage operations of a stricken container ship for Ardent Maritime, Offshore New Caledonia (2017);
  • Supply of vessel "Searanger" for grapnel route clearance New Zealand Shelf and Lord Howe Rise for Alcatel Submarine Networks, TGA Cable System,  Tasman Sea (2016);
  • Supply of vessel "Seasurveyor" for documentary and filming operations for Windfall Films. Extended voyage including Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, Australia, Indonesia (2016);
  • Supply of 2 & 3 wheel-pair LCE units and LCE Operators for cable lay operations for Fugro TSM on-board cable lay vessel “Southern Ocean”, Western Australia (2016);
  • Supply of Senior Surveyor as client representative for West Africa Cable System (2010);
  • DGPS Supply to Geocean SA for vessel "Pacific Runner" (2008).
  • ROV "Searay 08", pipeline and platform surveys and support of diver pipeline repairs for Total Marine Technology Ltd, Malaysia (2008);
  • ROV pipeline and jacket survey and intervention work for Hallin Marine Systems, Indonesia (2007);
  • ROV as-laid survey, Labuan Marringai South Sumatra - Bekasi Harbour East Jakarta Pipeline for PT Calmarine (2007);
  • Installation of an acoustic range cable for Australian Department of Defence, South Australia, (2005);
  • Multi-section re-lay and repair of a submarine fibre-optic cable system, Indonesia/Malaysia, for NSW (2005);
  • Installed 33 pairs of precast concrete stabilisation mattresses along the TNA MLA DN300 pipeline and assisting Blackback Subsea Repairs with ROV intervention works on the subsea well head (2003);
  • Core sampling in Bass Strait for Clough Australia. (2002);
  • ROV touchdown monitoring and free span correction for the laying of the Duke Energy Tasmania natural gas pipeline between Victoria & Tasmania. Also provided support for horizontal direction drilling (HDD) activities (2002);
  • Support work on the Esso Bream A Pipeline involving ROV Route Survey, followed by mattress installation & support of HDD (horizontal directional drilling for TLGH/Allseas – Esso (2002);
  • Support work on OMV Bass Strait Pipeline for TLGH/Allseas – OMV, including touchdown monitoring, survey and provision of support vessel and supervision of trenching (2002);
  • Installation of a 1.5 km range cable in Darwin Harbour, including 1.5 km of split pipe installation, for the Australian Defence Department (2002);
  • Contractor for laying and mostly plough burial to 2 metre target depth, two segments of the 24-segment ARCOS-1 Caribbean fibre optic ring system for NSW GmbH & Co KG (part of system); Cable Details: NSW fibre optic cable, mostly 13 mm diameter lightweight (LW) cable but also some single armour (SA) cable (2001);
  • Installation of one 9km and one 3.5km Southern Cross shore end cables for Alcatel, involving foreshore burial and laying through the reef, Fiji (1999);
  • ROV survey of pipeline and platforms for ELF, Angola (1998);
  • Provision of a survey vessel for a cable route seabed survey for TL Geohydrographics, Indonesia (1997);
  • Burial of a fibre optic communications cable for Alcatel Australia, Uruguay (1995);


Latest News

Seaworks' ROV support vessel 'Seasurveyor' and SMD work-class ROV 'Quasar 6' have commenced ROV survey operations in Cook Strait. 

Seaworks' vessel 'Searanger' is on charter supporting oil and gas operations, offshore Taranaki.

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