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  • Supply of vessel "Searanger" for grapnel route clearance New Zealand Shelf and Lord Howe Rise for Alcatel Submarine Networks Ltd, TGA Cable System,  Tasman Sea (2016);
  • Supply of vessel "Seasurveyor" for documentary and filming operations for Windfall Films Ltd. Extended voyage including Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, Australia, Indonesia (2016);
  • Supply of 2 & 3 wheel-pair LCE units and LCE Operators for cable lay operations for Fugro TSM Pty Ltd on-board cable lay vessel “Southern Ocean”, Western Australia (2016);
  • Supply of Senior Surveyor as client representative for West Africa Cable System (2010);
  • DGPS Supply to Geocean SA for vessel "Pacific Runner" (2008).
  • ROV "Searay 08", pipeline and platform surveys and support of diver pipeline repairs for Total Marine Technology Ltd, Malaysia (2008);
  • ROV pipeline and jacket survey and intervention work for Hallin Marine Systems, Indonesia (2007);
  • ROV as-laid survey, Labuan Marringai South Sumatra - Bekasi Harbour East Jakarta Pipeline for PT Calmarine (2007);
  • Installation of an acoustic range cable for Australian Department of Defence, South Australia, (2005);
  • Multi-section re-lay and repair of a submarine fibre-optic cable system, Indonesia/Malaysia, for NSW (2005);
  • Installed 33 pairs of precast concrete stabilisation mattresses along the TNA MLA DN300 pipeline and assisting Blackback Subsea Repairs with ROV intervention works on the subsea well head (2003);
  • Core sampling in Bass Strait for Clough Australia. (2002);
  • ROV touchdown monitoring and free span correction for the laying of the Duke Energy Tasmania natural gas pipeline between Victoria & Tasmania. Also provided support for horizontal direction drilling (HDD) activities (2002);
  • Support work on the Esso Bream A Pipeline involving ROV Route Survey, followed by mattress installation & support of HDD (horizontal directional drilling for TLGH/Allseas – Esso (2002);
  • Support work on OMV Bass Strait Pipeline for TLGH/Allseas – OMV, including touchdown monitoring, survey and provision of support vessel and supervision of trenching (2002);
  • Installation of a 1.5 km range cable in Darwin Harbour, including 1.5 km of split pipe installation, for the Australian Defence Department (2002);
  • Contractor for laying and mostly plough burial to 2 metre target depth, two segments of the 24-segment ARCOS-1 Caribbean fibre optic ring system for NSW GmbH & Co KG (part of system); Cable Details: NSW fibre optic cable, mostly 13 mm diameter lightweight (LW) cable but also some single armour (SA) cable (2001);
  • Installation of one 9km and one 3.5km Southern Cross shore end cables for Alcatel, involving foreshore burial and laying through the reef, Fiji (1999);
  • ROV survey of pipeline and platforms for ELF, Angola (1998);
  • Provision of a survey vessel for a cable route seabed survey for TL Geohydrographics, Indonesia (1997);
  • Burial of a fibre optic communications cable for Alcatel Australia, Uruguay (1995);


Latest News

Seaworks' vessel 'Seasurveyor' has recently completed a charter supporting salvage operations of a stricken container ship offshore of New Caledonia.

Refurbishment of Seaworks’ SMD workclass ROV ‘Quasar 6’ is nearing completion in our New Plymouth workshop and is due to be available for operations Q4 2017.

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