Established in 1981, Seaworks has grown to be the largest and most respected brand in the New Zealand marine services sector providing an extensive range of marine-specific services and vessels to clients in New Zealand and the wider South-Pacific region. We pride ourselves on our safety track record, innovative solutions, and the long-term relationships we form with our clients. Seaworks is committed to providing our clients with excellent results and holds triple-ISO certification reinforcing our ongoing commitment to ensuring excellent Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental performance.

40+ years experience
700+ jobs completed
1800+km cable installed

Seaworks Management

Tim Brown

Chief Executive Officer

+64 21 558 022

Chris Douglas

Marine Operations Manager

+64 27 207 8835

Ben Hubbard

Projects & Commercial

+64 21 026 92841

Amy Berthold-McKeagg

QHSE & HR Manager

Mark Randall

Subsea & Project Manager

Gretchen Galloway

Project Engineer

Naresh Jina

Financial Controller

Thomas Berg

Project Engineer

Malcolm Gilberd

Technical Consultant

Bill Day


Steve MacIntyre


Offshore Crew

Offshore Crew

John, Jason & Doug

Patrol Crew

Kyle & Damion

Cable Beach Team

Ollie, Steve, Willie & Lee

ROV Team

Dave, Einar, Doug & Jeremy

Offshore Team

Steve, Geoff, Einar & Mark

Cable Team

Chris, Shane, James & others

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