Offering marine support, surveys and consultation to the ever-expanding field of aquaculture.

Our work with the aquaculture industry in the area has grown exponentially in recent years – clearly reflecting the movement of seaweed ventures, mussel and salmon farms (historically located inshore) to coastal and offshore regions in search of better nutrients and favourable currents. Working with our partner companies Marine Services New Zealand and Discovery Marine, Seaworks offers a comprehensive suite of services for aquaculture operators. 

Our Aquaculture Expertise

  • Screw-anchor design and installation (a system in which anchors are screwed into the ground)
  • Single-anchor leg mooring (SALM) buoy installation
  • Marine farm installation support
  • Environmental baseline surveys
  • Survey and environment observation and monitoring
  • Vessel, workboat and ROV (subsea remotely operated vehicle) support
  • Multi-beam echosounder (MBES) and seabed classification surveys

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