Expert vessel and technical solutions for environmental, benthic, marine science and survey operations.

Seaworks provides a wide range of support services to key organisations in New Zealand’s environment and science sectors – from vessels and workboats for inshore and deep-water work to dive teams for underwater surveys and data gathering.

Seaworks supports ongoing environmental activities at locations that may be close to our shores or as far away as the sub-Antarctic Islands. We supply vessels to marine mammal observers as part of marine research initiatives, and to transfer dive teams from the mainland to the Kermadec Islands for tsunami warning system maintenance. We provide support for research operations such as electronic survey recording, seabed and sub-seabed grab sampling and box coring, and routine operations such as bio-foul responses and hull cleaning. We also undertake (or work with preferred providers to undertake) on-site data gathering and imaging using our subsea remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

We obtain data by sensor using methods such as multibeam echosounder (MBES), which very accurately measures bathymetry (ocean depth and contours), water column (water pressure), and backscatter, which measures the reflectivity of the seabed. We undertake work using Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP), Ultrasonic Base Line positioning, D-GPS and RTK positioning, side-scan sonars (SSS), magnetometers, sub-bottom profilers and more.

Our Environmental Expertise

  • Remote operations 
  • Research vessel supply
  • Bio-foul responses and hull cleaning
  • Vessel support for benthic and science service providers
  • Vessel supply for accommodation and work platforms
  • ROV data acquisition
  • Leading technology and marine survey systems
  • Environmental salvage response services
  • MBES and hydrographic services
  • Specialist cargo and personnel transfers

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