Submarine Cables

Installation, monitoring and maintenance of submarine cable systems.

Seaworks has a long and successful record of installing, monitoring and maintaining submarine cable systems for clients in New Zealand and the Pacific.

Our team has helped to install all four of the submarine fibre-optic cable systems that connect to New Zealand: the Southern Cross, the Southern Cross NEXT, the Hawaiki and the Tasman Global Access. Seaworks also has major power cable expertise, most notably the HVDC cables which lie across the Cook Strait. We’ve installed more than 1,800 kilometres of submarine cable in total and, along the way, gained extensive experience in shore-end landings. Today we cover all phases of the cable-installation process, and provide a whole-of-life monitoring, maintenance and repair service. 

Recent projects involving harbour and coastal cables in New Zealand have included the triple-cable Otago Harbour crossing, the six kilometre Waiheke fibre installation and the 625-kilometre New Zealand Aqualink system. In the Pacific we offer shore-end landing services and provide global installation companies with local expertise, vessels and other resources.

Looking for support at sea? Seaworks offers a wide range of vessels and specialist equipment that are well suited to cable installation in New Zealand’s harbours and coast and in the Pacific. 

Our technical team of project managers, project engineers, cable superintendents, beach masters and surveyors are always ready to help, and we work closely with preferred dive contractors to provide integrated packages that include diving supervisors, SCUBA and SSBA apparatus, and personnel with specialist cable-handling training and experience.

Our Submarine Cables Expertise

  • Ongoing, long term protection, survey and maintenance of submarine cables and pipelines
  • Feasibility assessments, investigations and route planning
  • Resource consent and compliance monitoring
  • Landing and beach erosion surveys
  • Pre-lay grapnel run and route clearance (to clear the seabed of debris along the cable route)
  • Turn-key submarine cable installations
  • Shore-end landings (pre-lay shore end and direct shore ends)
  • Cable burial and protector-shell installation
  • Subsea inspections and intervention/repair work
  • Exclusion zone patrol, management and protection services
  • Cable fault repairs
  • Out-of-service cable removals

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