Subsea Operations

Specialists in subsea operations, surveys and intervention.

We offer and operate a comprehensive range of subsea remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) that are well suited to New Zealand’s coastal and offshore conditions. This includes our work-class ROV (Quasar 6), the Seaeye Falcon and other specialist subsea equipment.

In the past 20 years, Seaworks has performed a huge amount of ROV subsea inspections and interventions, with a proud record of more than 3,000 kilometres of submarine pipeline and cable inspections undertaken to date. Our subsea work has also included many salvage operations, undertaking preliminary energy field surveys and providing ongoing routine field support. We’ve also helped to execute science-based subsea inspection programmes and field decommissioning projects. 

We offer integrated solutions for offshore field operators via highly qualified onshore and offshore personnel and our fleet of vessels and ROVs. Our crew includes vessel marine crew, dynamic position operators, ROV supervisors, ROV pilot technicians, hydrographic surveyors, subsea inspection engineers, offshore project managers and cable protection officers. 

Seaworks’ equipment for this important work is among the best in the business: we operate the only hydraulic work-class ROV permanently available in New Zealand, and our Quasar 6 is configured to meet the specific requirements of the New Zealand industry. Its features include excellent tooling capabilities, high-definition video footage and a compact footprint to suit locally available vessels. Its launch and recovery system has been designed specifically for rapidly changing local conditions and integration with our fleet of support vessels.

Our Subsea Operations Expertise

  • ROV inspection and intervention
  • Underwater inspections in lieu of dry-docking (UWILD) and Classification Society surveys
  • Platform, mooring, pipeline and cable subsea inspections
  • Pipeline inspections and touch-down monitoring
  • ROV MBES surveys
  • Dynamic positioning vessel operations
  • Expert ROV & inspection personnel
  • Subsea rigging installation
  • ROV data acquisition, eventing, reporting & charting services

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