Providing marine and vessel support services to the film and TV industry since 1980.

Seaworks began its marine film work in 1980, with the filming of commercials and assistance in small marine scenes. We've since built on that experience to become a specialist provider to the New Zealand and international film and television industry. Our first major film operation was to provide marine services, source vessels and even provide security personnel for Tom Hanks to support the production of Cast Away (2000). From there we have supplied vessels and marine services for big-budget studio productions such as King Kong (2005), The Meg (2018) and Adrift (2019). The Meg required more than 50 vessels and the full reconstruction of one of our vessels for green-screen filming. We have also worked on television productions such as Mutiny (2017). It took more than 100 days to film the British series, in which a cast of nine completed an arduous journey in an open, keel-less, seven-metre-long boat from Tonga to West Timor. For the Seaworks team this meant 24-hour monitoring, provision of a large support vessel and safety management.

Our Film Expertise

  • Liaison with Maritime New Zealand 
  • Advice on marine operational and regulatory requirements
  • Vessel supply for accommodation and film platforms
  • The provision of picture boats, barges and crew/cast transfer vessels
  • Specialist sourcing and support for vessel and boat set construction 
  • Voyage planning and advice
  • The provision of marine coordinators and qualified marine crew 
  • Experience and skills in leading technology and marine survey systems

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